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  Saturday, 20th of September 2014
Ambrosia Drug Treatment

Alcohol & Addiction Treatment

If you have any questions about the services we offer please call us at 866-577-6868. We have therapists that will happy to answer any questions you have. Your phone call will be kept private.

There are many, many people who think that alcohol and drug addiction are choices. They think an addict can stop whenever they think it's time. These people are mistaken. This is not true. Alcohol treatment and addiction treatment are ongoing processes. It takes time. It takes patience. And it takes compassion.

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Ambrosia's South Balcany
Quiet balcony at Ambrosia South in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Treatment for Alcohol Dependence

We offer rehab in beautiful private tropical settings.
The Ambrosia Treatment Centers offer affordable, world-class alcohol rehab with locations in Port St. Lucie, Singer Island and, West Palm |Beach Florida.  Alcoholism is a treatable disease. You, or your loved one, does not need to be an alcoholic any longer.

An Ongoing Process
Alcohol and addiction treatment is an ongoing process. In most cases, the alcoholic will first need to undergo detox, a process lasting approximately 3-7 days. This process helps the alcoholic to safely remove the alcohol and its toxic effects from the body in a medically safe way.

Some medications will likely be used during the detoxification process to help with withdrawal symptoms.

Importance of Alcohol Rehab

Once detox is completed, the rehab phase begins (30 to 60 days). Many alcoholics coming out of detox feel that their treatment is done. They delude themselves into thinking "now that they know better they will just stop on their own" Others believe that their family will keep them sober and that treatment is not necessary.Freedom from alcoholism is a lifelong process and residential treatment is the most effective way to begin.

Alcoholism is a Disease

We at Ambrosia Treatment Center believe that treatment is imperative in most cases. Alcoholism and drug addiction are extremely difficult to recover from. It is a "disease" that tells you that you don't have a disease. Denial is very prevalent in the addicted brain. Recovery is a process that involves total surrender to a way of thinking that is totally contrary to the addicted mind. Once the brain is free from alcohol the addict still has the 'disease'.

Power of teaching
Dr. Raichbach guiding a client. Once admitted an individual plan will be created just for you.

Counselor teaching
Melissa Angelo teaching a class on Sobriety.

Successful Alcohol Treatment Can Start Today

Ambrosia Treatment Center provides a comprehensive and successful alcohol treatment program for the healing to begin.  Ambrosia is licensed by the State of Florida and recognized by the United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA)

We provide a confidential, comfortable and secluded environment in which hope can begin. 

In cases of extreme and repetitive alcohol abuse, the addict must undergo detoxification. It is extremely challenging to get clean, and it is even harder on your own. When a person becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, their brain is functioning in response to that addiction. In order to change those responses to positive, healthy responses, one must consider going through a treatment center. At Ambrosia Treatment Centers, recovery consists of completely surrendering to a way of thinking that is entirely different from that of an addict. The most successful way to do that is through a treatment center. Ambrosia is licensed by the state of Florida and recognized by the United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA). Ambrosia Treatment Centers is accredited by the Joint Commission not-for-profit organizations. We are committed to our patients and their quality of care. We strive for successful recovery.

A Complete Treatment Program

We at Ambrosia provide a comfortable, confidential, and secluded environment for hope of a new future to begin. Our treatment program includes:

  • 7 day a week/24-hour a day supervision
  • Dual-diagnosis or Co-occurring disorder evaluation & treatment
  • Daily group & individual counseling sessions
  • Twelve-step program education & attendance
  • Relapse prevention track
  • Health and nutrition education & physical fitness
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Family counseling, therapy, and involvement
  • Psychiatric evaluation and Medication assessment
  • Pain management education & treatment
  • Holistic interventions including acupuncture
  • Aftercare planning

In addition to our comprehensive program we also organize "sober" activities such as attending local 12-step functions (conferences, sober softball games, tennis, and golf, cookouts at the beach, bowling, and movies).

Ambrosia Treatment at the Palm Beaches
Birds on the dock at Ambrosia of The Palm Beaches.

Questions? Call Now! 1-866-577-6868

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