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  Monday, 22nd of September 2014
Ambrosia Drug Treatment

Drug and Alcohol Detox

The first step is to call. After you call we will take care of everything together.
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detox treatment
The Ambrosia Treatment Center in beautiful Singer Island, Florida

We have chosen a select few top detox facilities and detox programs who provide the most modern, comfortable detox protocols available, set in a private, comfortable, caring and confidential environment. You can be in detox in as little as a few hours after you call us.

Detox and the process of detoxification, can be a daunting and fearful prospect for a person facing recovery from drug abuse or alcohol abuse. At Ambrosia Substance Abuse Treatment Center, we sincerely believe that drug detox or alcohol detox should be as painless as possible

Detox from alcohol and /or drugs needs to be done under medical supervision

Detoxification from drugs and alcohol in a medical approved treatment center is in most cases uneventful. Because this process is potentially harmful it is imperative that no one attempts to detox on their own. Detox from alcohol and /or drugs needs to be done under medical supervision. Detox is the process of medically managing the body's physical withdrawal from alcohol or drugs to minimize the side effects and help prevent harmful consequences.

The detox process helps alleviate serious withdrawal symptoms...

The first step in the actual treatment of alcohol and drug addiction is the detoxification process, detox for short. This process is performed by a combination of medical personnel (doctor & nurse) using a particular protocol. That is, a combination of medication that has similar properties as the abused drug, in tapering doses. The detox process helps alleviate serious withdrawal symptoms and prevents complications such as seizures, hallucinations, uncontrollable blood pressure, delirium tremors (d t 's) and panic attacks due to anxiety. The length of time required for this detox process varies depending on the substance, amounts, and length of usage. Alcohol is typically 3-5 days, heroin and other opiates usually 7-10 days, Xanax and other benzodiazepines also 7-10 days. Most programs require the patient be drug free for 24 hours prior to discharge.

It is at the end of the detox process that the patient is the most susceptible to relapse.

This is why it is imperative that the detoxed individual go directly to a treatment center or other safe place as it is now when the addicted person is most vulnerable and likely to relapse. While being physically free from their substance of choice they are just as mentally addicted now as they were before they entered detox. These cravings can be overwhelming and will always win out over willpower or good intentions.

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