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  Monday, 15th of September 2014
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We know how difficult dealing with an addict can be. You have talked until you are blue in the face and they simply refuse to admit they have a problem. Once talking has failed you will need to stage an intervention.

Need help with your intervention? Call us right now at 866-577-6868. The call is free and you can find out whether it is best for you to do the intervention yourself or with the aid of a professional.

An Intervention Overview

Gather your group

Here are the steps that need to be taken for a successful intervention. Start by going directly to the people closest to the addict i.e. his personal friends and family and discussing the intervention with them. You want the people closest to the addict to be the ones involved in the intervention, the ones the addict cares about. It is best to keep the group simple and of a small size.

Meet and discuss

Your group will need to meet to discuss exactly what you want to say to the addict, who will lead the intervention, and exactly what each person will say. it is a good idea for each person to keep notes. Interventions can be very stressful and the addict may not be all that cooperative, at least at first, so having what you say worked out in advance will make everything much easier.

Prepare an ultimatum

An ultimatum need to be presented in order to encourage the addict to go into treatment is important that everyone take a hearing and uplifting tone during the intervention. You want to be careful not to condemn the addict as this is likely to make the the addict less cooperative.

Make an appointment (866-577-6868)

It is paramount that you have a treatment center picked out and an appointment made before your intervention. It will help show the addict you ara very serious about them seeking treatment, and it will give the addict less opportunity to back out of treatment. Even waiting even a few days will allow the addict to back out.

Questions Want to know whether insurance will cover treatment? click here.

Conduct the intervention

Do the intervention at a place that is comfortable and private for the addict. The addict's home would be an ideal place, or the home of a close family member or friend.

Take the Addict to the Treatment Center

Once the intervention is complete, The addict will have admitted or denied they have a problem and you'll know whether or not they're willing to go into treatment. If they are willing you will need to pack a suitcase for them and take them directly to treatment center. It is not a good idea to wait and give them a time to back out. if they are unwilling to admit that they have a problem or unwilling to go to treatment you will need to go forward with the ultimatum presented at the intervention. Hopefully this will force them over the next few days to rethink their actions and decide to go into treatment.

Can I force someone into rehab?

In Florida we have the Marchman Act that may allow you to use legal means to force someone into rehab. Learn more here: Marchman Act


PSL Treatment Center
Entrance to one of our private residences in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

The Intervention Specialist

In our experience interventions have a higher success rate when everything is handled by an intervention specialist. We have professionals standing by ready to fly to your location and take care of all the details for you.

An unbiased professional

An Intervention specialist is a highly trained person with years of experience dealing with alcohol and drug addicted people and has the ability to get to the heart of the problem and encourage the addicted person to enter into rehabilitation. When you hire an interventionist you will have an unbiased professional to help you, and your friends and loved ones, deal with the problem. The person needing intervention will know you are serous and dedicated to getting them help.

How much does it cost?

There are many factors that can affect the cost of intervention. In addition to the intervention itself there may be travel and accommodation costs. The best way to review cost is to call us. We can go over all the details and cost with you on the phone (866-577-6868). We don't charge for the call and are willing to help you even if you're planning on doing the intervention yourself.

Will the intervention specialist allow me to be part of the intervention?

Yes, It is important that close family and friends be part of the intervention. Your specialist will go over the details with you when you call and start the process.

Have more questions?

Please call us at 866-577-6868 or click here to request help online.

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